Official Statement about the situation of the Hungarian Kennel Club (MEOE)

I am glad to inform all the members and partners of the FCI that the operational problems of our kennel club have been successfully solved.

The Ministry of Agriculture of Hungary had a very fair and promising attitude during the negotiations of the solution and as a result, the activities of the MEOE are authorized to resume in a time-frame which assures and guarantees the organisation of all the expected big FCI events (FCI IPO World Championships 2012, FCI Obedience World Championships 2013, FCI General Assembly and FCI World Show 2013, Interra Show 2013, ATIBOX Show 2013, etc).

Concretely, it means that there are no obstacles left to organize the FCI IPO Championship in September 2012 and the FCI General Assembly and the FCI World Dog Show in May 2013.

During the following year, the General Committee of MEOE will be facing an important issue when forming an integrated cynological life in Hungary as a part of the FCI, having the governmental accreditation and the joint cooperation with authorities as an important element.

I do thank and appreciate all the solidarity and support I received during the last weeks from all around the world which will be needed in the future as well.

I welcome you all to Budapest for the FCI World Dog Show in 2013!

András Korózs
president of MEOE